Innovation .

Through The Years


Domani Benchtops.

Domani Benchtops is a business that has evolved into being, founded by Steve Fordyce and now in the capable hands of his son Mark. Domani has changed with the times, including the company name going through several iterations which reflected its status at the time. As Polyesters and Acrylics we used to pour our own acrylic benchtops.  This meant everything was customisable, from design to the colour of the fleck and pigment.  Resin prices however reached sky high records and it became cheaper to buy and work with pre-made acrylic sheets. Then the market changed and everyone wanted stone benchtops. So we started on a journey working with stone, primarily engineered stone. Once again the market is pivoting and we have mostly moved away from engineered stone as the health risks have become more known and safety regulations begin to increase the cost of working with this material. So we come to today’s Domani… we can fabricate with engineered stone, however our preferred materials are acrylic solid surface, porcelain and equivalents such as Dekton, and natural stone.

Past &

Present Owners.

Mark obtained a degree in Marine Science then swanned off to London for 11 years.  There he immersed himself in business, supply chain management and logistics. He came back to NZ when the time was right for him and pursued his business career in NZ.  Steve then decided it might be time to enlist some help in the business with the intent to step back in a few years time so Mark came onboard.

We can’t quite get rid of Steve, and to be fair we don’t actually want to!  He is such a well of information, having problem solved his way through the years. If you need a template, chances are you will meet Steve.

On The Solid

Surface Side.

Bruce is another institution within the business, having been with Steve through a lot of his journey. He is an invaluable wealth of knowledge and expertise.  He has extensive experience with thermoforming (bending) solid surface and creating seamless looks for kitchens, bathrooms, reception counters, kiosks and more.
Thaine may be younger then Bruce but he has picked up the trade easily and produces stunning results! He also enjoys installing Nationwide, getting to see other parts of the country as he works.

On The

Stone Side.

Nathan works alongside our lead stone fabricator David.  The two of them have been on a journey over the past 2 years becoming proficient in working with the newer materials such as Dekton and large format porcelain tiles. These new materials have challenged their ways of working but it is worth it as the work we are able to create now has become so varied and exciting!